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2021-05-09 SG Audio Podcast 034 Capt. Josh Aldrich, Jackson County Jail Commander

by ThiefHunter Labs Studios | Crowd-Sourced Crime & Safety


Byte into weekly examinations of crime & public safety events in Southern Oregon & Northern California. From the Facebook era digital stockade to the road to redemption, you’ll learn insider details and hear unusually honest discussion.

Using the leverage of crowd-sourcing, coupled with the knowledge of the crowd and Bayesian theory, Ryan & Jared from ThiefHunter Labs take subscribers on a weekly journey through the Criminal Underworld. They examine the “State of Jefferson” area near the OR-CA border, with philosophies that span a nation.

The show includes special guests, info. on wanted criminals, big busts, interesting scanner calls, safety warnings and stories of despair & recovery. You’ll get a deeper look behind the scenes of Scanner Group, a nationally recognized Facebook phenomena by ThiefHunter Labs, LLC. You may even find a few chuckles along the way!” YouTube, Facebook and our websites!

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