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2020-09-28 SG Audio Podcast 1 Fire Edition

by ThiefHunter Labs Studios | Crowd-Sourced Crime & Safety


Byte into weekly examinations of crime & public safety events in Southern Oregon & Northern California. From the Facebook era digital stockade to the road to redemption, you’ll learn insider details and hear unusually honest discussion.

Using the leverage of crowd-sourcing, coupled with the knowledge of the crowd and Bayesian theory, Ryan & Jared from ThiefHunter Labs take subscribers on a weekly journey through the Criminal Underworld. They examine the “State of Jefferson” area near the OR-CA border, with philosophies that span a nation.

The show includes special guests, info. on wanted criminals, big busts, interesting scanner calls, safety warnings and stories of despair & recovery. You’ll get a deeper look behind the scenes of Scanner Group, a nationally recognized Facebook phenomena by ThiefHunter Labs, LLC. You may even find a few chuckles along the way!” YouTube, Facebook and our websites!

ThiefHunter Labs: Southern Oregon Crime & Loss Prevention Consulting

ThiefHunter Labs leverages proven & modern strategies to increase safety, decrease theft, increase the likelihood of the identification and location of criminals, reduce loss and increase likelihood of conviction.  The organization is backed by a team of advisors & consultants with over 75 years of Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Security, Research, Data Analysis and Consulting experience.

TheifHunter Labs Consultants can help identify potential risks before a crime happens and when one does, we can increase the identification rate, visibility and potential for arrest.  This all happens while keeping employee and business identities private through the assistance of ThiefHunter Labs Administrators and your assigned Crime Consultant working with Law Enforcement, Community & Business Watch Groups and other contacts in our database..  

ThiefHunter Labs also gives you access to quality, local & national, thorough employment background checks, personal background checks and expert help with establishing probable cause to filing charges.  We provide decals for your business that let people know you are protected and crimes against you will be pursued by a TEAM OF EXPERTS.

Serving Southern Oregon Businesses & Citizens

  • Loss Prevention Planning & Education
  • Criminal Research, IDs & Locating
  • Security Consulting & Education
  • Safety & Security Consulting & Training
  • Church & NPO Security Consulting & Training
  • Onsite Loss Prevention Training & Testing
  • System, Policy and Procedure Development
  • Employment & Personal Background Checks
  • Computer & Network Security Consulting
  •  Self Defense & Weapons Training & Education
  • Video Surveillance & Cameras
  • Alarm & Control Systems

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Leverage Provided by ThiefHunter Labs:

Crime Prevention & Criminal Research for Businesses & Residences.

CRIME PREVENTION v1.0: You & Those You Appoint

Your first line of defense against theft & burglary committed against your home and business is a loss prevention program. Your people, your cameras, your alarm system, dogs and how secure you are with your possessions… Those are all loss prevention version 1.0. They are the only way to KEEP commercial or residential property crime from being committed against you. Contact the ThiefHunter Labs Team to learn more about security & loss prevention planning.

CRIME PREVENTION v2.0: Law Enforcement

Your second line of defense against theft & burglary is Law Enforcement often comes after a crime has been committed. They do a good job and sometimes catch a thief in action. They can often ID criminals, find them, and are definitely the enforcement body to bring them to task for their crimes. But manpower is thin in policing in the public sector. There is always more crime and criminal research than any police force can complete. We consider Law enforcement version 2.0.


With ThiefHunter Labs, a third, very productive layer of defense and resolution is used to influence criminal behavior before a crime, identify and find criminals after a crime was committed, and aid police in locating them. It involves access our consultants, who have more than 130,000 Social Media followers in Southern Oregon & Northern California. It’s accomplished by connecting business professionals, technology, records databases and the public through local crowd-sourcing.

EXECUTIVE ADVISORY TEAM:  Expert Criminal Research, Loss Prevention, Education and Security Consultants with 50+ Years of Law Enforcement Experience and decades of expert research work.

Ryan Mallory

Ryan Mallory

Owner / Senior Consultant

25 yrs. Telecom & Internet Regional Ops. Mgr. (16 offices), 15 yrs. Technical Consultant, 5 yr Owner & Administrator of Scanner Group, the largest community watch group in Oregon. Expert researcher, data manager, developer, strategist and educator.  Psychology & Business Management Education.  Gun Ownership & Public Land Use Advocate.

Jared Banry

Jared Banry

Senior Consultant / Advisor

15 yrs. Law Enforcement, 3 yrs. Loss Prevention Management, Security License, 2 yrs. Scanner Group Administrator specializing in criminal Identification & Location, Expert Researcher, Strategist, and Educator.  Proven Loss Prevention Strategy Trainer.  Drug Recognition Expert, ONEA Drug Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Bill Froehlich

Bill Froehlich

Senior Consultant / Advisor

30 year Law Enforcement (Retired), Navy Veteran, BA Criminology/Abnormal Psychology, MA Organizational Mgmt, Professor, College Instructor POST Certified Trainer, Certified K-9 Instructor & Dog Trainer, Gun Expert & Trainer, Swat Sniper, Competition Shooter, Agency Medal of Honor, Drug Recognition Expert, FBI Training.  Federal Disaster Mgmt. Cert.  Olympic Venue Commander.

David Cunningham

David Cunningham

Senior Consultant / Advisor

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Tactical Firearms Instructor, and Licensed Simunition Instructor.  OR, UT, AZ, FL and VA Concealed Handgun Instructor. Pepper Spray, Baton, Handcuff, and Krav Maga Instructor.  3rd Degree Black Belt under Chuck Norris.  Former Law Enforcement Field Training Officer. Former Presidential Protection Detail for George H. W. Bush. 

Addison Mallory

Addison Mallory

Studio Technology Advisor

Twitch Gaming Streamer @WhosURDadison, Computer Hardware, Software, AV Production, Web Site Development, Technology and Electronics lover.  Son, Uncle, Brother, Friend.

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