CRIME & SAFETY PODCASTS:  Criminals, Videos, Fires, Homeless Issues, Accidents and Missing Persons.

Let’s talk about crime & public safety in Southern Oregon & Northern California and current issues.


Byte into weekly examinations of crime & public safety events in Southern Oregon & Northern California. From the Facebook era digital stockade to the road to redemption, you’ll learn insider details and hear unusually honest discussion.

Using the leverage of crowd-sourcing, coupled with the knowledge of the crowd and Bayesian theory, Ryan & Jared from ThiefHunter Labs take subscribers on a weekly journey through the Criminal Underworld. They examine the “State of Jefferson” area near the OR-CA border, with philosophies that span a nation.

The show includes special guests, info. on wanted criminals, big busts, interesting scanner calls, safety warnings and stories of despair & recovery. You’ll get a deeper look behind the scenes of Scanner Group, a nationally recognized Facebook phenomena by ThiefHunter Labs, LLC. You may even find a few chuckles along the way!” YouTube, Facebook and our websites!

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ThiefHunter Labs: Southern Oregon Crime & Loss Prevention Consulting and Community Service

ThiefHunter Labs leverages proven & modern strategies to increase safety, decrease theft, increase the likelihood of the identification and location of criminals, reduce loss and increase likelihood of conviction.  The organization is backed by a team of advisors & consultants with over 75 years of Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Security, Research, Data Analysis and Consulting experience.

TheifHunter Labs Consultants can help identify potential risks before a crime happens and when one does, we can increase the identification rate, visibility and potential for arrest.  This all happens while keeping employee and business identities private through the assistance of ThiefHunter Labs Administrators and your assigned Crime Consultant working with Law Enforcement, Community & Business Watch Groups and other contacts in our database..  

ThiefHunter Labs also gives you access to quality, local & national, thorough employment background checks, personal background checks and expert help with establishing probable cause to filing charges.  We provide decals for your business that let people know you are protected and crimes against you will be pursued by a TEAM OF EXPERTS.

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